The Forge of Mytra, limited time craft event!

“Something whispered to the young Duraulen in his father’s forge behind the citadel. A dusty chest lay hidden on the shelves among weapons and sharpening oils, but a light emanated from within. The young man approached the whispers were increasingly intense to the brink of madness but he couldn’t help it, he felt attracted, eager to know the inside of that treasure, as if with superhuman strength he gave such a hammer blow to the lock that it opened the chest lid wide open. Inside a small whistling and shining dagger completely possessed the human, caused the most absolute silence, began to speak directly to him turning his eyes into scarlet red blood.

Get back! -Skewered his father after pushing him and knocking down the dagger that was so tightly attached to the hand of his son.

But, father — Asked Duraulen, stunned and disoriented — Why do you keep THAT devilish dagger? It’s dangerous!

It is your inheritance, son, one day you will have the will to dominate it and fight battles in honor of Mytra. But until then, don’t let the demon inside you corrupt you again — explained his father tenderly as he put the magical dagger back in the chest. “

— Stories of Juliero “the Red Bard”

How does it work?

How do I know the value order of each of the NFTs?

List of Mercenaries in order of value
List of Magic Items in order of value

About Siege of Mytra

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