Testers Event! Join our Tester’s Crew and get rewards before game launch

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3 min readOct 20, 2022

Welcome Knight and Dames to a new event in the Siege of Mytra community!

We want to THANK all the testers who are participating from minute 1 on the testnet to help the development team to improve Siege of Mytra, therefore, we want to reward all present and future testers with a competition with NFT prizes!

Here the contest rules:



Onikami Games SL (hereinafter Onikami) will carry out an international event for Siege of Mytra testers users. Will be considered as contestants only those people who, gathering the aforementioned requirements participate in the organized draw, respecting its dynamics that will be detailed below.

The object of the contest is a competition between all the testers users that weekly will fetch points to reach the top of testers playersreward the winner with Siege of Mytra NFT’s and WAX rewards that will be sent after the contest ends.

Participation is under some requirements and the name of the promotion is: “Testers Event”.


The contest will start on October 20th 10pm UTC+1 and will end and will continue to be active until the launch of the official game on the mainnet. (check here your local time).

First Weekly Ranking: October 20th 10pm UTC+1 — October 27th 10pm UTC+1


The mechanics of the event is simple. Every week a ranking is organized among all the players who are playing Siege of Mytra on the Testnet. A snapshot of the player table will be made to control the amount of initial and final $DOBLON at the end of the ranking week.

Example of Player table extract. “gold” column manage DOBLON per player.

The top 10 players with the most $DOBLON amount on their account balance will receive points at the rate of:

1st position — 25 points
2nd position — 18 points
3rd position — 15 points
4th position — 12 points
5th position — 10 points
6th position — 8 points
7th position — 6 points
8th position — 4 points
9th position — 2 points
10th position — 1 point

These points are cumulative and non-transferable between accounts. At the end of the global event, all the points will be added up and prizes will be awarded to the top 5 players. Additionally, all players who have won at least 800 $DOBLON will be entered into a draw for an NFT.

Top 5 Rewards:
1st place — 2x Random Golden NFT
2nd Place — 1x Regular Level 1 Human Castle + 2x Random Regular NFT
3rd Place — 1x Random Regular Mercenary
4th Place — 1x Random Regular Magic Item
5th place — 1x Random Regular Hero

1x Random Regular NFT

Coming Next…

We will share more new content for the WAX community in the next articles, new designs, game mechanics, campaigns and much more, but don’t miss to join the Game Discord server and share your impressions about the game!

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