Siege of Mytra Discord Invite Raffle!

Our community grows and for that we want to reward it with a new dynamic within our Discord server!

Event Time

12th July — 19th July 12:00 PM UTC+2


A Classic Booster Pack contains 4 NFT, 1x Castle Level 1, 1x Random Human Hero, 1x Random Mercenary and 1x Random Magic Item. More info in:
Heroes are the most valuable units in an army, they have superhuman strength and have the ability to carry Magic Items that boost allied troops and weaken enemy ones.
Mercenaries are units that never die in combat, you can use them again after a colddown time. Each mercenary has unique abilities and attributes.

How to participate

Join to Siege of Mytra Discord server here and click this button:

Then, click on “Invite People” and generate your personal invitation link.

Track your invitation rank on 🤖-bot-commands-🤖 channel typing “/invites”. In case you want to check the leaderboar, just type “/leaderboard invites”.

Bots account not allowed

We don’t want bots on our server, so in order to qualify for the top 3, the users you invite must verify their account with Honeycomb. To do this, follow the guide in this video:

And good luck!

The winners will be published in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. All the rewards will be sent until 24 hours after the competitions end.

About Siege of Mytra

Siege of Mytra is an asynchronous-RPG strategy mobile video game based on the WAX blockchain. Take control of your Heroes, build your front of troops and mercenaries, destroy the enemies’ Castles, get resources and rank on the Siege of Mytra Community Ranking to win prizes on NFTs and $DOBLON token.

Immerse yourself in a fantastic medieval world designed in pixel art and traditional 2D illustrations.

Discover more about this project in our website:

Coming Next…

We will share more new content for the WAX community in the next articles, new designs, game mechanics, campaigns and much more, but don’t miss to join the Game Discord server and share your impressions about the game!



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