Fanart Contest is BACK! Summer Edition 2022

The Siege of Mytra FanArt Contest is back! The community has requested it and so it has been, we return with the Summer Edition of the contest where those who want to create an illustration in their own style can compete with the rest of the artists!

Also, this time we will show all the works presented and the next Fan Art Winner in the next videos on our YouTube channel in the Community Showcase!



Onikami Games SL (hereinafter Onikami) will carry out an international contest for Siege of Mytra Discord. Will be considered as contestants only those people who, gathering the aforementioned requirements participate in the organized draw, respecting its dynamics that will be detailed below.

The object of the contest is reward the winner with a pack of Siege of Mytra’s NFTs and WAX rewards that will be sent after the contest ends..

Participation is under some requirements and the name of the promotion is: “Fan Art Contest Summer Edition 2022”.


The contest will start on July 28th and will end on August 4st at 11:59 PM UTC+2 (check here your local time).


The contestant must be a member of the Siege of Mytra Discord server and upload the work to the #fan-arts channel of the Server together with the publication. The contestant will have to make an original work based on the theme proposed in the current contest, which in its first edition will be “the Siege of Mytra DRAGON mercenary” in reference to the mercenary included in these rules. The jury made up of the Onikami team will evaluate the works based on aesthetic criteria and will present their decision up to 5 working days after the completion date and will communicate the winner on the next Community Showcase in the Onikami Games Youtube channel.


All submitted works must be original based on the reference design proposed in this contest, the Dragon from Siege of Mytra. Any work that the jury finds graphic references from third parties, modification of a work that is not original or tricks in design to simulate the use of AI generators of artificial images will be grounds for expulsion from the contest.

Contestants who upload their proposal on the channel #fan-arts outside the promotional period will not be considered eligible to participate in the contest.

All those works that are not original and/or are plagiarized from third party sources will be immediately discarded for the contest.

In order to be eligible for the contest, the entrant must have at least one Classic Booster Pack in their WAX inventory. The packs can be purchased at any of the following links:

⚛️ Purchase at AtomicHub:

➡️ Purchase in Neftyblocks:


Once the winner of the contest has been decided, the Onikami jury will contact the winner and verify if they meet the requirements indicated in these contest rules.

  • $50 in WAX token.
  • 1 x Regular Dragon NFT
  • Assignment of the Discord role “Art Master” dedicated exclusively to the winners of the Fan Art contest and derivatives.
  • Exclusive Hero’s Skin only available for Art and Lore Masters (this skin will be airdroped between July and September)
  • Proudly member in game credits as Art Master.

We want to give all participants the opportunity to win a prize, so 1x Classic Booster Pack will be raffled among all!

About Siege of Mytra

Siege of Mytra is an asynchronous-RPG strategy mobile video game based on the WAX blockchain. Take control of your Heroes, build your front of troops and mercenaries, destroy the enemies’ Castles, get resources and rank on the Siege of Mytra Community Ranking to win prizes on NFTs and $DOBLON token.

Immerse yourself in a fantastic medieval world designed in pixel art and traditional 2D illustrations.

Discover more about this project in our website:

What how Siege of Mytra design is made:

Coming Next…

We will share more new content for the WAX community in the next articles, new designs, game mechanics, campaigns and much more, but don’t miss to join the Game Discord server and share your impressions about the game!

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