$DOBLON Private Sale before Siege of Mytra launch

Welcome Knight and Dames to a new event in the Siege of Mytra community!

We want to THANK all our actual Testers and Community for their patience, but the launch of Siege of Mytra is on the back of the street and there’re lot of rewards, events and activities with our community ahead!

Siege of Mytra has been sent to iOS and Android review and we’re proud to announce that we’ll launch the game in the incoming days! A huge event with the community will arrive to celebrate this milestone in Discord!

This guide wants to help new and actual players to understand how the Private Sale of $DOBLON will work in an anonymous and clean way.

Through actions in the Vesting contract for the DOBLON that we have created, any person without offering their personal data will be able to enter the pre-sale.

How to join the Pre-Sale

Pre-Sale Data:

Pre-Sale Max Supply 250,000,000.0000 $DOBLON

Pre-Sale $DOBLON Price 0.00008 $WAX/$DOBLON

Open-Sale $DOBLON Price 0.00010 $WAX/$DOBLON

Pre-Sale Period

Open 12/14/2022 6pm UTC

Close 12/21/2022 6pm UTC

Min. Amount 437.06293706 WAX $WAX/per account

Max. Amount 1748.25174825 WAX $WAX/per account

Vesting Period

First Claim 12/28/2022 6pm UTC

Last Claim 12/06/2023 6pm UTC

Period each 7 days

Percentage per claim 2% total vesting

How to send WAX to participate in the Vesting

Simply make a transaction to “vestingcntrt” between 437.06293706 $WAX and a maximum of 1748.25174825 $WAX per account. Only amounts sent between the opening and closing dates of the vesting process will be taken into account. Those transfer that don’t follow the upper information will be declined by the smart contract and send them back to their owners.

Example of transfer from Anchor Wallet

How to claim vesting.

Each week, users can claim their reserved amount just running the following action in the smart contract here: Go to claim action here.

Just login with your account and set your WAX account name on “claimer” field. Then, push “Submit Transaction” button.

In summary

To join you need to send a minimum of 437.06293706 $WAX and a maximum of 1748.25174825 $WAX per account to vestingcntrt. 25% of the total supply of the $DOBLON will be allocated for pre-sale, that is, 250,000,000.0000 $DOBLON at a starting price of 0.000080 $WAX/$DOBLON.

Coming Next…

We will share more new content for the WAX community in the next articles, new designs, game mechanics, campaigns and much more, but don’t miss to join the Game Discord server and share your impressions about the game!

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